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Best places to eat with Children and Teenagers in London

In London and looking for a good family-friendly restraurant? From rainforests to burgers made by Rolling Stones band members, we've got a smorgasbord of restaurants kids will love...

Waga who?
Wagamama has exploded onto the UK dining scene with at least 16 locations to choose from in London alone...

I'll Have a Rolling Stones, Well Done...
Opened in1989 by legendary Rolling Stones rocker Bill Wyman Sticky Fingers is a kid-friendly restaurant that welcomes families with excellent food and service and tons of rock 'n roll memorabilia! Wyman called his restaurant Sticky Fingers in honour of the infamous album released by the band. A Kids' menu starting from £7.95. Bill Wyman's Sticky Fingers remains one of London's favourite, lively and fun restaurants featuring award winning burgers, steaks, what some would say are the best ribs in London, and freshly caught grilled fish.

Babes 'n Burgers
Babes ’n’ Burgers was tailor made for kids. An odd but fun combination of eatery and play-area, parents can munch on their favorite foods while watching their kids play.

Read and Eat or Eat and Read...
5th View lets you dine and sight-see at the same time. This 5th storey bookstore, café and bar offers rooftop views of favorite London sites.

The Original Hard Rock Cafe
This place may not feel like the most authentic restaurant choice for your stay in London, but think again. This location is actually the original Hard Rock Cafe, open on this site since 1971...

Dine with a Wild Bunch
Why not try the Rainforest Cafe? Dine at a table surrounded with vegetation, cool mists, cascading waterfalls and creatures indigenous to the rainforest. Experience thunderstorms crashing overhead!

Belgo Centraal
Well, it certainly should. In fact you should run at the chance of eating in this restaurant because it’s a delight for kids and adults alike. Right in the heart of Covent Garden you can tuck in to huge pots of steaming mussels and large portions of frites (French fries) Belgo Centraal...

This long established restaurant located just meters from Covent Garden underground station, Maxwells...

Smollensky’s has pulled out all the stops when it comes to looking after families. Walk in to their branch on The Strand and the kids will be immediately handed a goodie bag (with crayons, a coloring book and mini toys).

Royal China
Royal China was first established in 1992 with its flagship restaurant in Queensway, London. It made its name with classical Cantonese cooking and is especially renowned for Dim Sum.

Bodean’s is a fabulous American diner, right in the heart of London. It provides all the heartwarming (if calorie saturated) delights you’d expect like ribs (baby-back, spare or beef) cooked in the wood-burning smoke pit, chicken wings with blue cheese sauce, nachos, meatloaf, pulled pork, or burnt ends.

Planet Hollywood (temporarily closed)
Busy and bold, the first is a shrine to Hollywood movies and the second a Mecca for rock music buffs, Planet Hollywood...

Great Places for a Cheap Quick Bite
Kids screaming because their bellies are empty? It's easy to get caught up with London sightseeing and you'll be surprised how quicky the hours pass since your last meal, not to metion the calories consumed walking around the Capitol. For some good, and often cheap, quick bites consider the following mass market but quality meal options: Like most establishements on this list, Pret A Manger can be found on most corners of London and stock a nice selection of inexpensive but healthy sandwiches, wraps, potato chips, coffee, brownies and more. Pret's food is handmade daily without chemical and additives. Their food is fast but not bad for you. We're big fans.

Costa Coffee, like Pret A Manger, has quite a few locations throughout London and also offers a good assortment of quick bites including sandwiches, wraps, and other tempting goodies. Unlike Pret however, they're food isn't quite as fresh.

The difference between Pret, Costa and Caffe Nero boils down to temperature--at Caffe Nero you can ask that your baguette sandwich be heated which is a huge bonus when visting London during the fall or winter months.

We've found Subway resturants in most countries that we've visited and they're certainly no strangers to Londoners. What kid doesn't love a subway sandwich? They're good, filling and yummie!

Want something quick, fresh and cheap? Marks and Spencer stores can be found throughout London (and the UK) and offer prepared foods such as sandwiches, wraps, salads, and even sushi--thought the sushi is nothing to write home about.

Cafe Rouge makes for an almost authentic French bistro experience in England. It's menu is extensive and varied, but it comes at a higher price. The restaurants are lovely but service can be unpredicatable.

Best Fish and Chips in London
If you know London no doubt that you'll be surprised to hear that our pick for the best fish 'n chips in London is in the out-of-the-way Surrey town of Tolworth. A tiny hole in the wall restaurant called SuperFish cooks up some of the best fish and chips you’ve every tasted!

That's right, Tolworth (also known at Surbiton). The reasons are simple for our choice: SuperFish is darn yummie and super cheap. You can get a their Moby Dick plate, which contains enough fish to feed two grown adults, for just £7.

SuperFish is located on the Broadway about a block from the Tolworth Tower and Marks and Spencer store. In case you get too stuffed eating fish and chips to make the train journey back to your hotel there's a Travelodge inside the Tolworth Tower with very reasonable rates.

Getting to Tolworth from Central London is easy. Make your way to Waterloo station and catch the Southwest train to Tolworth. There are two trains running per hour. While you’re around this suburb London area you may as well visit Kingston and Richmond.

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